SPHERE is a family-owned French group founded in 1976. It is the leading European of household packaging and producer of bioplastic resins.

With 14 production sites in Europe, of which 8 are located in France, the group has an annual production of 150,000 tonnes. SPHERE has grown, in particular through a policy of external growth and the purchase of production sites. The group is present in three markets: general public, professional and local authorities.

The SPHERE group controls the entire life cycle of its products, which include research production and sales: refuse bags, fruit and vegetable bags, freezer bags, food-safe films and papers, aluminium trays and rolls.

In order to reduce its dependence on oil and reduce atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic pollution, SPHERE has set itself three goals in its general environmental strategy:

-          Increase the share of recycled materials in its products;

-          Develop new biodegradable and compostable materials;

-          Use bio-sourced raw materials.

Ethics is the common thread of the group's activities. SPhere's values are stated in a charter that guides and motivates nearly 1,200 employees

More information :
Code of ethics and conduct (pdf)