A strong commitment to the environment

The SPhere group's strategy is to provide a complete product range which takes into account the use value of the product and its end of life. This is why the choice of materials such as virgin, recycled or plant-based polyethylene biodegradable bioplastic resins is essential and contributes to the development of the SPhere group.

Innovation in green technologies is a key lever in developing green consumer product ranges and allows the group to consolidate its leading position in Europe and to acquire new positions in the rest of the world.
 Innovation and acquisitions in France and Europe are at the centre of the group's strategy and have marked the milestones in the group's development since it was founded in 1976. In 2005, the group invested in renewable raw materials in order to initiate the bioplastics industry in France.
 Today, the group's policy is continuing down this route and has set as its goal: increased development in recycled and "all plant-based" material by 2020 worldwide.
 5 focus areas for the SPhere group

  • Enhancing synergies with its partners
  • Investing in R&D
  • Meeting local demand
  • Providing support to its customers
  • Protecting the employment pool

Ethics is the common thread of the group's activities. SPhere's values are stated in a charter that guides and motivates nearly 1,200 employees

More information :
Code of ethics and conduct (pdf)