Responsible Consumption

Encouraging responsible consumption to switch to all plant-based materials

To help customers choose more environmentally friendly products, SPhere is developing innovative technologies. The company has thus expanded its product range by offering products using biomass.

SPhere is thus the first French group to:

  • Develop the 100% biodegradable bioplastics sector based on potato starch.
  • Offer a new generation of plant-based plastic based on sugar cane. This revolutionary material results in a product that reduces its CO2 emissions by up to 95%.

These innovations allow consumers to effectively contribute on an everyday basis to limiting impacts on the environment.

For example: if all French households replaced their refuse bags made from fossil raw materials with bags using renewable plant-based materials, this would:

A plant-based revolution is thus in motion and within everyone's reach. Reflected in the survey "The French and sustainable consumption", 71% of people in France believe that sustainable development is a necessity*.

· Source baromètre 2011 / « Les Français et la consommation durable »