A 100% Biodegradable Range

The ATOUBIO 100% biodegradable and compostable range is certified by the EN 13432: 2000 standard and the OK Compost label for the collection of green and fermentable waste. This range is available in 12 product items, from 10 to 240 litres with several closure systems: drawstring, 2 knot bag, vest and standard ties.

In contact with organic matter, and through the action of micro-organisms, bioplastic refuse bags degrade completely in less than 6 months. Biodegradability is total: at the end of the degradation process, there remains only water, minerals, carbon dioxide and organic material. Primarily for the collection of biodegradable waste (32% of the total weight of household waste), bioplastic refuse bags are suitable for processing in composting centres where they help produce quality compost. They can also be integrated into the bio-gas energy production sector.


Compostability guaranteed by the EN 13432: 2000 standard 

• Control of components with verification of the absence of heavy metals.
• Required biodegradability threshold: 90% in a maximum of 6 months. • Disintegration: no residues larger than 2mm x 2 mm must remain after 12 weeks.
• Non-ecotoxicity of the humus.


Material derived from inedible potato starch 

• SPHERE Professional bioplastic refuse bags are made from starch potato.
• An inedible production that is guaranteed non-GMO.


Not to be confused with oxo-degradable bags 

Biodegradable plastics should not be confused with plastics containing an oxo-degrading additive. These plastics called "oxo-degradable / oxo-biodegradable" are not biodegradable within the meaning of standard NF EN 13432. Although fragments are not visible to the naked eye, their presence may result in mass ecotoxicity of the soil.