The range of highly technical bags

Spearhead of the SPhere group, Coulissac® has revolutionised the bag market in France and Europe

Coulissac® is fully suited for use in the programmes for household waste collection and the sorting of hollow items and paper/cardboard. Its coloured translucent material allows optimal sorting quality (6% refusal rate on average).

The Coulissac® range guaranteed NF standard compliant offers a wide range of bags from 15 to 110 litres with a wide choice of colours: opaque for household waste, translucent for sorted waste collection and customised printing.

The drawstring closure system avoids any handling at the neck of the bag when sealing. Cleanliness is guaranteed and offers 20-30% more usable capacity.

As part of sorted waste collection, Coulissac® bags, once emptied in a sorting centre, can be recycled and thus returned to the user.