Vegetal Origin®

A major environmental innovation

The first range of plant-based polyethylene refuse bags, material comprised of renewable sugar cane plant-based material with a reduced carbon footprint.

VEGETAL ORIGIN PROFESSIONNEL® is the adaptation to the professional market of an innovation launched in 2011 by SPhere in the large retailer's market under the Alfapac brand.
This innovation brings to the professional market a range that meets the requirements of customers who demand products with a real environmental benefit. This range is available in all capacities with different closure systems.

Performance equal to oil-based polyethylene bags

Derived from ethanol made from sugar cane, plant-based polyethylene (PE) is a renewable material that means bags can be made without any difference in appearance, colour or texture in comparison to fossil PE bags. The bags also have the same properties of strength, elasticity and watertightness.
Fully recyclable, they are collected along with plastic packaging and can also be transformed into energy if collected with household waste.