Our markets

40-years of expertise in its markets

SPhere has developed a specific range of products and services for each of its markets: consumers, professionals and local authorities.

SPhere anticipates the market by developing innovations and responds to the changing patterns of behaviour of large retailer customers and consumers.



In the household waste area, SPhere offers a range of refuse bags which are more respectful of the environment and in the food area, products which take full account of hygiene regulations.

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SPhere, in the market for professionals, adapts to each particular sector evolving towards increasingly technical products.

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Local authorities

Finally, SPhere plays an operational consulting role for local authorities. Indeed, future solutions involve the reprocessing of waste and the container that must adapt to the contents' end of life: energy recovery, recycling or composting/ biogas production.

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 The expertise in different fields within the group thus enables each market to benefit from the latest technological progress which includes the environmental dimension.