Local Authorities

The bag, a solution with a future for Local Authorities

Implemented by local authorities since the 1992 Act, the sorted collection of household waste must now face the challenge of optimising its performance. The waste action plan set ambitious targets:

A 7% reduction in the production of household and similar waste per capita over the next five years, i.e. a reduction of around 1.5 million tonnes of waste; - an improvement in the recycling rate of materials and organic matter of 24% today to 35% in 2012 and 45% in 2015 for household waste and 75% by 2012 for corporate waste and packaging; - better reprocessing of waste to reduce by 15% the quantities being burnt or stored.  
 The SPhere group accounts for 80% in France of the market for household waste collection bags (household refuse and sorted waste). Its expertise is both technical with a wide and varied range of products and of high-quality as it provides support for the collection programmes.
 Thus, collection in bags has many advantages:

  • Better sorting performance
  • Optimised cost
  • Adaptation to specific circumstances: type of habitat, city centres, seasonal flows...
  • Adaptation to the collection of organic waste using 100% biodegradable Bioplast bags in accordance with standard EN 13432


The household waste collection bag with a bar code, real technical progress

Economical and easy to install, collecting household waste in specific bags is a relevant and money-saving alternative to on-board weighing.
 SPhere has developed a bar code which is printed on each bag. Therefore, equipment costs are non-existent because identification of the containers and modification of the collection trucks are not needed.
 Local authorities thus provide to households dedicated collection bags whose price includes the collection and processing cost. Each household therefore only pays according to the amount of household waste put out for collection.

Another benefit is that this type of bag identifies the type of the waste, measures the rate of waste, quantifies how much waste is sorted and provides an economical solution to the local authority.