A huge and extremely varied market

Every professional activity requires specific solutions and expertise and a thorough knowledge of the technical, regulatory and sanitary constraints, etc.

That is why the SPhere group has a long track record in assisting players of the professional and local authorities markets.

Training and advising technical managers, sales teams or users positions SPhere as the expert in this vast and many-faceted market.

  • Collecting waste in hotels, hospitals and businesses
  • Equipping industrial cleaning contractors
  • Food packaging for the catering industry or FMCG sector
  • Transporting FMCG

To meet these needs, the breadth of range is a key asset. SPhere offers the widest range of products on the market, in various configurations: pre-collection bags, refuse bags, translucent bags for sorted waste, 100% biodegradable bags, liners for containers, vegetable bags, newspaper cling films, food-grade films, multi-tier trolley covers, sample bags and freezer bags.

  • Capacities: from 5 litres to 1,500 litres
  • Specific closure systems
  • Various materials
  • Customised printing
  • Up to 8 colours
  • Thicknesses: from 10 to 140 microns
  • All materials and shapes of bags

All the group's sites are ISO 9001 certified.
Two sites, PTL (France) and SPhere Nederland are ISO 14001 certified.

Finally, with all of its production sites located in Western Europe, SPhere is able to :

  • Meet all specific needs and develop a bespoke offering.
  • Ensure availability and consistency in supplies, whatever the product.
  • Provide permanent stocks.


 SPhere, the forerunner of the ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE bag

The SPhere group has just been awarded the "Origine France garantie" label for its range of products for the professional market in the Hotel/Restaurant/Bars, Cleaning Contractors and retail stores sectors.