Controlling Risks

With a production of 700,000 tonnes per year, French public and private hospitals alone account for about 3.5% of the national production of all kinds of waste. (Source: ANAP 2009 – Waste management Organisation).

The household waste and related category, the biomedical waste category, chemical waste and toxic or radioactive waste are not collected and processed in the same way.

That is why sorting medical waste is a major issue for hospitals because it ensures that the risk of contamination and accidents are minimised.

The hospital sector must comply with French regulations (L541-8 of the Environmental Code) and European regulations (Directive 2000/54/EC), which deal with production, packaging, storage, removal and transport and disposal by incineration or by storage in a final waste storage centre.

It is in this sense that SPhere assists in the drafting of standard NF X 30 501 for biomedical waste which amounts to 167,000 tonnes per year in France (Source ADEME).

This involvement and expertise have enabled the group to become the European leader in the health sector and a partner of the largest healthcare organisations in France and Europe.

SPhere also offers a complete range of pre-collection and collection bags that adapt to different types of products used in the hospital environment.

The Ranges