Hotels and restaurants

Combining hygiene standards with profitability

Most of the waste produced in hotels and restaurants is similar to household waste. It contains the same elements as waste produced in the home.

With its wide range of products SPhere helps hotel and catering companies to better collect and sort their waste.
With its expertise developed in its various markets, SPhere meets all the needs of the hotel restaurant sector for its two major components which consist of kitchen waste and the cleaning of rooms:

  • Collecting and sorting food waste (biodegradable / organic waste and packaging)
  • Preparing and storing food (food films, dispensers, trolley covers)
  • Protecting machines and dishes for catering (trolley covers and slicer covers)
  • Protéger les machines et les plats en restauration (housses à échelle et housses trancheur).
  • Transporting laundry
  • Collecting waste in hotel rooms


Professional catering, a rapidly evolving sector

In favour of diversified catering

From the traditional brasserie to the school canteen, the catering industry is highly diverse. More than 280,000 establishments serve 10 billion meals per year with sales amounting to 78 billion euros. (Figures: CCI Caen). 

This sector generates organic kitchen and packaging waste, whose management poses various problems such as hygiene and working conditions. It is therefore imperative to establish a strict waste management policy.

Today this sector is acting to deal with these problems including prevention activities and recycling packaging, in particular bio-waste (495,000 tonnes per year). 

It should be noted that the sorted collection of organic waste will be mandatory in 2016 for the entire industry. The ATOUBIO® 100% biodegradable range allows this type of waste to be collected and recycled in the compost /biogas sector.

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Biodegradable bioplastics

In favour of a responsible hotel industry :
Engaged for several years in a general environmental approach, the hotel chains are seeking green technology products.  
 SPhere offers ranges of adapted products to meet their needs: laundry bags and refuse bags of different capacities, various closure systems and materials.  
 The VEGETAL ORIGIN PROFESSIONAL® range of bags is a natural part of this offering. Made from renewable plant-based material (sugar cane), this range has a significant environmental impact because its plant origin helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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