"Ideal" packaging

The SPhere group is also developing expertise in the food industry with plastic and flexible films and automatic packaging for salads, bread, pancakes, etc.

SPhere meets other technical requirements such as cling film for newspapers and magazines, packaging film for the cotton-wool market, check-out carrier bags or bags for fruit & vegetables.

SPhere has also developed for several years a protective sheath for bunches of bananas which helps regulate temperature variations, which ensure better fruit growth, provide a barrier effect against parasites and protect the fruits from rubbing by the leaves.

Thanks to its production tool, SPhere can meet many requirements for the properties and qualities required for these technical films.



Colour / Transparency / Opacity / Flexibility / Touch / Multiple forms / Reliability, etc.



Hygienic / Puncture and tear resistant/ Barrier effect / Easy to print and decorate / Waterproof / Packagable at high-frequency, etc. 



To produce these specific products, SPhere uses appropriate materials such as high density polyethylene for check-out carrier bags and biodegradable resins for fruit & vegetables bags. 


The ranges

  • Magazine cling films
  • Banana sheaths and covers
  • Food packaging
  • Non-food packaging
  • Check-out carrier bags
  • Fruit & Vegetables bags