Research and Innovations

Innovations and Research, a priority

Innovation and research are essential support for the development of household packaging and represent an important part of the SPhere group's competitiveness.

Although a significant part of the research and development efforts is aimed at improving industrial processes and developing new product ranges, the Group's ambition is to integrate raw materials in line with environmental indicators.


To do this, Sphere works with many partners in producing plant-based raw materials.


Key dates


Aluminium foil dispenser - Cooking bag for oven

ALUMINIUM FOIL DISPENSER: hygienic, convenient and rechargeable. COOKING BAG FOR OVEN: cooking without added fat.


Vegetal Origin Professionnel®

Launch of VEGETAL ORIGIN PROFESSIONNELL®, the first range of refuse bags for professional use made of plant-based polyethylene, consisting of more than 50% renewable plant-based materials (sugar cane).

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