Plant based Plastic

Plant based Plastic

In 2011, the SPhere group chose to replace fossil polyethylene with plant-based polyethylene for the entire range of its refuse bags, freezer bags and a cling film for its Alfapac Vegetal Origin®, Frio and Vita brands.

Produced from ethanol made from sugar cane, plant-based polyethylene (PE) offers the same performance as fossil PE: resistance, water-tightness, adherence.

Vegetal Origin® products may contain up to 95% plant-based plastic. Recyclable, this plant-based plastic does not disrupt the recycling platforms. It can be transformed as energy, if collected at its end of life with household waste. In a global context where firstly the price of oil is high and, secondly, global oil and natural gas reserves are dwindling, plant-based carbon is an attractive alternative to fossil carbon. Indeed, sugar cane captures enough CO2 during its growth to compensate for all the CO2 emitted during the entire process of manufacturing a bag.

Plant-based carbon, an essential constituent of plants, is renewable. The huge stock is, by its nature, inexhaustible. This technological innovation is an integral part of the group's strategy. It aims to reduce dependence on oil and reduce air pollution and the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

Based PE; is it biodegradable ?

Plant-based plastics are not necessarily biodegradable. Although carbon is the raw material of plants as it is of oil, it is not the plant-based or fossil origin of the carbon atom which gives plastic its properties, but the way the atoms are arranged.

For a plastic to be biodegradable, it must be assimilated by micro-organisms; the plastic molecule must therefore include specific groups of atoms that are able to be used as "food" by the micro-organisms and allow them to deconstruct the molecule until only water, CO2 and / or CH4 (methane) remain and, possibly, by-products (residues, new biomass) which are non-toxic for the environment.

Some 100% oil plastics are therefore 100% biodegradable. In contrast, plant-based materials, such as latex, may not be biodegradable.

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