Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic is complementary to a general ecological offering. SPhere includes in its products a significant proportion of recycled materials in order to reduce the use of fossil raw materials.

These recycled materials come from:

  • Plastic waste recycling platforms
  • The regeneration of all production waste from the group's plants and plants outside the group.
  • The recovery of collection bags from the recycling service offered by the group to local authorities

In order to improve its environmental performance, the group recycles plastic films on all its industrial sites. Furthermore, all production sites recycle and reincorporate as much as possible of their own plastic waste to optimise production costs and reduce their environmental impact.

Key dates


Aluminium foil dispenser - Cooking bag for oven

ALUMINIUM FOIL DISPENSER: hygienic, convenient and rechargeable. COOKING BAG FOR OVEN: cooking without added fat.


Vegetal Origin Professionnel®

Launch of VEGETAL ORIGIN PROFESSIONNELL®, the first range of refuse bags for professional use made of plant-based polyethylene, consisting of more than 50% renewable plant-based materials (sugar cane).

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