Food-grade papers

Food-grade papers

Preserving the nutritional and taste qualities of the products

All the food papers (Parchment Paper, Keep-fresh Paper) are made from virgin wood fibre. For parchment paper, 1 to 3% of surface silicone gives it its non-stick properties. For the Keep-fresh Paper, waterproofing paraffin wax has been added. The use of virgin rather than recycled fibre meets requirements of traceability. Recycled papers cannot guarantee the absence of residual chemicals.

Consumers enthusiastically endorse innovations which optimise food preservation and reduce food waste.

Particularly suited to cheeses, preserved meats and ready-prepared fresh products, Alfapac's Keep-fresh Paper guarantees professional quality.

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Aluminium foil dispenser - Cooking bag for oven

ALUMINIUM FOIL DISPENSER: hygienic, convenient and rechargeable. COOKING BAG FOR OVEN: cooking without added fat.


Vegetal Origin Professionnel®

Launch of VEGETAL ORIGIN PROFESSIONNELL®, the first range of refuse bags for professional use made of plant-based polyethylene, consisting of more than 50% renewable plant-based materials (sugar cane).

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